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Let Us Help You Exceed Your Goals The Right Way.

Established MMXIII

Don’t want to invest in hardware?

Want to pay for apps only when you need them?

Our solutions are for you!

Do you have a company with many branches?

How about mobile workers?

Perhaps you want to launch new functionalities for your customers?

Our solutions work perfectly in each of these environments. All you need is internet access. And if your mobile employees or departments don’t have it for a while, that’s not a problem.

All data is saved locally on computers, tablets and phones and is synchronized with a central database as soon as an internet connection is established.

Access and security.

All your data is safe. We are based on the Google Cloud, so access to them is secured to the highest standards.
We provide the application optimized for the computer, tablet and phone as standard.

You don't need to hire IT staff.

We will write your application, secure it and we can maintain it.

If you prefer to do it yourself, we will train you and your employees.

Pomeranos Group

Let Us Help You Exceed Your Goals The Right Way.
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