Teminals & Inspections

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Established MMXIII

Are you looking for a reliable and timely partner?

We handle all transhipments arriving by trains, trucks, containers, and vessels.

Are you looking for an experienced inspector or auditor?

Are you interested in quantitative or qualitative inspections?

A well-coordinated team of inspectors is waiting for your contact!

We are experienced in inspections in the area of agri-food and mineral products.

Mobile inspectors operating in the EU and UK.


Supervision of loading or discharging sampling, fumigation is only part of the scope of our services.


Cereals, middlings, nuts, sugar or fertilizers, ferroalloys, scrap and coal are no secret to us.


We  use a proprietary application supporting real-time inspection reporting!

Do you expect reliability and the highest quality?

Pomeranos Group

Let Us Help You Exceed Your Goals The Right Way.
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